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If you are reading this article, I’m assuming that you found a car wreck story, and the next question is "What’s the news Florida auto accident news?" There’s no question that if you are reading this article right now, you are in dire need of information, and fast. Now granted, we all want the news today, because it’s free and if you miss it, you can always get it the next day in your newspaper. But if you missed it the first time, don’t worry, there’s lots more where that came from.

So what’s really happening in Florida right now? Well, there are lots of people that are panicking and that’s understandable. It’s like the domino effect, everyone feels desperate and that includes you. Well, before we go any further, let me assure you that there is no reason for you to be any more anxious than you have to be. In fact, today’s news is actually a pretty good thing.

Let me tell you something about myself and that’ll make things a little easier. My name is Tom Mullen, and I work as the director of operations for a not for profit company called Voice of Sunshine. We run a small nonprofit that gives our sponsors money they never have to pay back. This is a major program that provides housing and jobs to poor people in Florida.

Last Friday, a seventeen year old boy was driving home from school when he lost control of his car, and it swerved into a shopping center parking lot killing him and another kid. This has happened three times now. Last week, the third time, a nine year old girl also died in a car accident. The news reports indicate that she was playing with her friends when the accident happened. There’s no doubt that these deaths could have been prevented by having better safety habits when they were younger.

But if you’re reading this article, I’m guessing that you want the facts of this accident and who is to blame. Well, let’s start with the other vehicle in the accident. It was a rental truck. This should have been a warning to all drivers to keep their wits about them and drive responsibly. Yet, some people seem to forget that you can have an accident even while riding in a rented vehicle.

If you look at the news reports, you’ll see that there were no witnesses, and that the other driver made no attempt to check for people or equipment in the road. That means that there is absolutely no way to know what action was taken by the other driver. The other auto accident in the news last week was not a product of reckless driving on the part of the driver of the rental truck, but it was an accident that could have been prevented. Just as the news reports say that "an ordinary person who makes a mistake can cause an accident," so can an ordinary person with a driving license "make an ordinary mistake."

That mistake can lead to serious injuries and even death. The first step to preventing a bad accident is to be sure that you are not driving while intoxicated. If you are, you should say "hands off" and pull over immediately. Don’t drink and drive, and don’t operate a rental car while impaired. If you do operate a rental car, follow all the same safety precautions that you would if you were driving under the influence of alcohol, and don’t operate the car unless you are with a licensed driver.

If you don’t have a driver’s license, don’t try to control the situation yourself. Contact a Florida traffic attorney that can give you advice on auto accident law and liability coverage requirements. They will also be able to tell you if the other driver has made any claims on their insurance policy and how they may have affected your claim. You may be able to get more money than you would if you had just taken the accident to court. Because Florida is a no fault state, the judge may order payments to be made out of pocket, which would result in the expense of paying for legal representation.

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