Latest news on auto strike in delhi

Delhi has been the capital of India and the focal point of the largest democratic elections in the country. It is a city that enjoys immense popularity among the people and it is the political will of the people that has made it the capital of India. The capital has been under relentless attack by the radical Left and right wing forces which has resulted in a severe deterioration in the living standards of the people. The latest news on auto strike in Delhi reveals that the people are in fierce struggle to defend their rights. The state government has offered a tough struggle to the people who have been affected by the strike and is determined to restore the normal operations of the markets.

latest news on auto strike in delhi

The latest news on auto strike in Delhi has revealed that the government has offered an all time low offer to the auto manufacturers to encourage them to resume their normal operations. This all time low offer is well below the cost of production and the market demand. The government has offered an incentive of up to hundred thousand dollars to the automobile companies and other manufacturing concerns to return to their normal business. The main reason behind the cut off of funds is the resistance created by the Left to introduce the bill of interest which is highly detrimental to the profitability of the industry.

With the latest news on auto strike in Delhi the auto manufacturers are not interested in offering the concession. They have received heavy losses in the past and they do not want to take any more loss. The auto strike has resulted in the loss for the automobile manufacturing company. Even the dealers have faced losses and the numbers are still increasing day by day.

The cheapest rates available in the market for the new models have been reduced drastically due to the impact of the strike. However, the most affected car parts manufacturers are Honda and Nissan which have both decided to discontinue their sales and cut down the production. It is obvious that the government is not interested in providing help to the auto manufacturers as it looks like a strike between the workers and the management.

The reason behind this latest news on auto strike in Delhi is that there are huge losses suffered by the automobile industry and the government is not interested in providing any support. The reason behind the government not taking into consideration the profits of the automobile companies is that they are earning enough money from the various taxes. There is no need to subsidize the automobiles if there is no profit involved. On the other hand if there is profit involved then it is difficult to let go off the subsidies.

The only way to return the investments made by the Indian people in the automobile industry is to support the policy of the government and provide them with funds so that they can make efforts to revive the company. In the recent times, there is no chance of recovering the amount if the firm is not able to make profits. This is the reason why the latest news on auto strike in Delhi should be considered as a strike between the workers and the management. This is what the people are looking for at the moment.

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