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Overdrive is one of the best websites that covers automobiles,and all the related stuffs. Overdrive is the most informative website for automobiles in india & pr beats, the most thorough source of vehicle news, road tests, reviews on buying cars, features and pricing tips. Also know about the famous pranna roy & krinkle sews, they are owner and founder of ndtvindia news network and site. Overdrive also covers many motorsport related categories like car and auto adrenalin, racing cars, sports cars, luxury cars, muscle cars, classic cars, SUV’s, mini vans etc.

ndtv automobile news

From the very beginning, Overdrive has been covering cars almost from the launch of its web site till now. I have always found this site to be more updated than other websites. The categories that Overdrive covers are so many, I can never go wrong with it. And the portal looks very slick. The choice of cars in each category is so much better than the other portals.

The automobile news category in Overdrive has some of the oldest cars, trucks and cars on the market. Some of these brands have been in business for hundreds of years. Other categories like convertibles, coupes, sedans and wagons will give you some idea about the variety of vehicles you can choose from. Car reviews will help you know about which cars are good, which ones are bad, which ones are boring and which ones are ugly.

You can get access to news updates via an online RSS feed. There is also a forum where you can chat with other users and share your views,feeds,top stories and any other form of discussion you might feel is relevant to the subject at hand. You don’t have to post here or message me through email. The forum will suffice as a means of communicating with others. There are also active blogs posted regularly that discuss all kinds of car related topics.

You will also find an archive of past issues of automobile periodicals in the Overdrive website. The automobile news section is updated regularly and contains information about new models and hot trends. The database at this portal includes articles written about automotive magazines and journals. This means that you can have instant access to news on your favorite brands and even obscure models that have been recently introduced. In case you want to know about something that happened only recently, you can rely on this portal for the latest news on car models.

In case you are still not sure about anything and need to be sure about a particular brand or make of automobile, you can rely on the expert opinions offered by this portal. This way you can get all the information you want and instantly. With online TV coming up as a new and exciting wave among all media channels, it is up to you to see where you stand and take advantage of everything that this new technology has to offer.

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