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De Autonews news is a French-speaking publication with a focus on the life in the Southern region of the country. The country itself is located in Southwest France, right at the border with Italy. The town of Auton has become one of the best known places in the whole country for people from all over the world. There is even a museum dedicated to this history and the people who have lived there for many generations.

Many people have found this town very appealing because of the quality of life that it offers. Many people come to Autonews News to read about the lives of those who have made the town their home for many generations. This news is written by a number of authors, all dedicated to their own family’s history and the lives of those who are directly related to it.

William de Mee was born in Autonew, and grew up in the area. He joined the catholic military during the revolution, and was taken prisoner during the occupation of Paris by the German forces. He later served in the British military and fought in World War II in the R.A.F. He was married three times, and has many descendants that live in the town and surrounding areas.

Maxime Laporta is another native of the town. He is an author and photographer who has lived in the area his entire life. He also lost several toes to the French Resistance during World War II, but now has full use of his feet. Because of this, he uses his story in many of his publications. Maxime is originally from Tours, and has great respect for the people who lived there before him.

Roger Pigno lives in Autonew, as do many of the decedents of his family. He is a painter, writer, and journalist, and enjoyed a long career in journalism. He is survived by his wife, four daughters, and one son.

Frustrated with life, Roger Pigno began writing to find hope. After several years, he met and married Sonia Pigno, with whom he had many children. Sonia Pigno passed away in 2021, leaving her husband, Roger, to care for their son, Ronald, who is disabled. He has turned the family home into a writers’ haven, and spends much of his time writing.

Maria-Luceana de Gracia, wife of Gaston de Gracia, is described as "one of the most respected leaders of modern Argentina". She has lived in the area her entire life, and raised three children. Her many achievements include: creating a school system, training teachers, and working with handicapped children. Maria has also written widely on many issues, and continues to speak out on many political issues.

The author, Ronald Taggert lives in Buenos Aires. He works with many handicapped individuals, and has a degree in Law. He enjoys spending time with his grandkids, and enjoys spending time reading and thinking about his beloved grandchildren.

Oscar Albayo is described as an Engineer, working for some of the biggest construction companies in Latin America. During his many years of experience in engineering, he gained a reputation for his creativity. He led teams that designed and built many buildings in major cities around Latin America. His leadership helped him to plan many building construction projects that have yet to be fully finished.

Juan Carlos Chirinos is described as a Hispanic American, originally from Puerto Rico. He has lived in the San Juan region of New Mexico for many years. He is a respected expert on water issues and has traveled extensively to the United States and Australia to discuss his research. He lives in Albuquerque where he runs a water consulting business.

Ruben Figueiredo is described as a Hispanic American, originally from Puerto Rico. He is described by many de Antonio publications as a unique personality, hardworking, caring, and loving. A native of New York City, Figueiredo knows all about the city life and loves to talk about it with others. In fact, he likes to live in a neighboring town and go hiking and have picnics with other local folks.

Maria Olivera is described as an extraordinary personality. A native of Argentina, she is described as an incredible woman, with a brilliant mind that never stops thinking. She served as the Executive Vice President of the Americas for Ketchum, a real estate development company. She lives in Albuquerque and has traveled to the United States and Australia to discuss her work. This is the perfect choice for anyone who loves reading Hispanic related magazines and wants to learn about life in the big apple!

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