A review of the crains communications automotive news website

crain communications automotive news

Crains Communications is a Canadian based company that specializes in providing automotive news and reviews. Their website includes a blog, which is updated frequently with new articles. The blog includes a section devoted to auto industry related topics as well as links to other automotive websites that offer similar content. They have links on their website to key make, model and manufacturer information, providing a very easy way to find an accessory you need.

There are links to dealerships and suppliers on the website. You can also search for a specific make, model or brand and get links to reviews from reputable business owners who have tested accessories of that make or model. A very handy feature is their link to the Automotive News Blog. Automotive news is consistently updated, so this is one place to be able to rely on for information on recent trends in the industry. Other links are available on the Products & Services page, including links to eBay and Craigslist. They also have a link for Sears and warranty information.

Crains Communications also offers a service that helps consumers by providing them with troubleshooting guides. There is a link for the Sears troubleshooting guide and a link to the Motorola troubleshooting guide. These guides are comprehensive, detailed explanations of problems and solutions. Some of the guides can be purchased, while others are free copies of booklets. The manuals usually provide step-by-step guides for common problems, but there are also troubleshooting guides for uncommon problems. The guide for the GMC troubleshooting process is particularly helpful because it covers so many different issues.

Crains Communications also provides a news summary and calendar on their website. This provides easy access to important information related to automotive industry news. In addition, they offer links to Consumer Reports, Yahoo Answers and other web sites.

All of the products and services offered by Crains Communications are backed by a full 100% money back guarantee. They also offer customer service via email and telephone. There is also a satisfaction guarantee program, which allows customers to return items for any reason at all.

By far, the most popular product information available on the Crains Web site is the news blurbs. You will get a link for every major automaker and also information on discontinued models and special limited time models. There are links to reviews on each make and model. Finally, there are links to automotive news sites such as Carsearch and Edmunds, as well as links to automotive forums. The Crains Forums allow customers to post reviews of any car or truck that they have bought and also allow users to connect to other forum members for information and support.

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