Pop discourse at hau: desire your youth

At Berlin’s HAU, Michaela Melian and Diedrich Diederichsen discussed the eighties with Alfred Hilsberg and Christof Meueler.

Not really satisfied with pop historiography: ZickZack label boss Alfred Hilsberg Photo: Barbara Murdter

Want some name-dropping? In the Theaterkantine of Berlin’s Hebbel Am Ufer (HAU), Jochen Distelmeyer (Blumfeld) strolls toward the counter after Tuesday night’s event, Jens Friebe sits in front of a drink at the table. Holger Hiller (Palais Schaumburg) stands in the hustle and bustle, dressed as always in fine threads. Christiane Rosinger (Lassie Singers) joins in, while a hypnotic version of "Vollig losgelost" plays. By the way, Michaela Melian (F.S.K.) is among those at the DJ booth. This after-show party could pass for a class reunion of German pop.

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Running for all in berlin: get busy!

Self-organized sports groups are attractive alternatives to traditional clubs. But why do Berliners do this to themselves?

Miles in any weather! For the Kraft Runners, running is not just for fair weather Photo: Joanna Kosowska

Actually, it’s not a day to go out the door voluntarily. Nevertheless, on Tuesday of this week, over forty people in sportswear are standing in front of a small cafe in Prenzlauer Berg. The temperature is just above zero, and the afternoon’s rain has turned into damp snowfall. The crowd prances from one leg to the other against the cold.

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Obituary of karsten thielker: gifted and free of airs and graces

He photographed the genocide in Rwanda and won the Pulitzer Prize. Karsten Thielker passed away at the age of only 54. His work remains.

The late taz photographer Karsten Thielker on May 1, 2017 in Berlin Kreuzberg Photo by Rudiger Knobloch.

Karsten Thielker has died, died, died. I have to keep reassuring myself that he will never, ever turn the corner in the office again to ask in his beautiful, raspy, warm voice, "Is anyone going to lunch?" Conversely, we can never again call him at the most impossible times of the day. Late at night, urgent, gladly at the last minute. He always had an open ear for us, somehow arranged every order.

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World cup qualifier germany – ireland: trap at rock bottom

The Irish have never been worse. Giovanni Trapattoni has turned the once-proud players from the island into a bunch of rumbles.

After Dublin’s 1:6 loss to the DFB selection, calls for Trapattoni’s sacking are being heard. Picture: dpa

The Irish were in no mood for singing on Friday evening in Dublin. Most of the spectators had long since gone home by the time the final whistle blew for the qualifying match for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, even though they had forked out 100 euros for a ticket – with an extra charge for a top match. It wasn’t, at least not by the Irish. The 1:6 was the highest home defeat in history, you’ve never seen the Irish play so badly.

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Dietmar woidke’s election campaign: fear of the greens and afd

In Brandenburg, the SPD is trailing the AfD. Minister President Dietmar Woidke wants to catch up in the final meters. A site visit to Mullrose.

Outside the beach, inside the election campaign: Dietmar Woidke in conversation Photo: Uwe Rada

It was a flying visit halfway. Between the State Chancellery in Potsdam (workplace) and the home forest (residence), Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) had an appointment of the nicer kind in Mullrose on Wednesday evening. In an Italian restaurant, located directly on the shore of the Mullrose lake, Woidke came to support the SPD direct candidate in the electoral district Oder Spree II, Christiane Barcikowski. Five years ago, Christian Democrat and eco-farmer Andreas Gliese had snatched the direct mandate away from the SPD.

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Racist ultras in russia: vasya, artyom and the blacks

The hard core of Zenit St. Petersburg fans is considered racist and homophobic. Our author was with two of them in Leipzig.

The beauty of the curve: Zenit fans show flesh in St. Petersburg Photo: ITAR-TASS/imago

On Tuesday evening, RB Leipzig will play at Zenit St. Petersburg in the Champions League. Two weeks ago, Leipzig won 2-1. 2,000 fans from St. Petersburg were in Leipzig. Among them the notorious Ultras. Our author was on the road with them. We have changed the names of the Ultras for publication so as not to put them in danger.

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Likud election of benjamin netanyahu: quick-living democracy

Israel is once again showing that it is a Western democracy with a strong rule of law. That is sometimes exhausting.

Democracy is sometimes exhausting, also in Israel Photo: dpa

There are many things taken for granted in Western democracies. Decisions by majorities, separation of powers and representation of minorities, for example. However, the fact that the largest governing party holds a primary election for the top candidate in a parliamentary election is not a matter of course. Usually, the party establishment decides on the top personnel. This is also the case in Germany. In this country, the CDU rejected a request for a primary election for the chancellor’s candidacy in November.

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Election campaign in baden-wurttemberg: a hot potato

In the southwest, the first major election campaign begins under pandemic conditions. The deal: not too much competition in times of crisis. Will it work?

Coalition partners, competitors, crisis managers: Susanne Eisenmann and Winfried Kretschmann Photo: Marijan Murat/dpa

Normally, this would be an atmospheric introduction to the text: of the prime minister’s appearance in, let’s say, Schwabisch Hall, as he graciously greets the applauding hall that constituency deputy Jutta Niemann has previously warmed up for him. Winfried Kretschmann had just visited a company that had presented him with its particularly sophisticated air-conditioning technology.

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Youtube hit “cat saved my son”: conspiracy theory at heise

Dog bites child, cat chases dog away, cat is celebrated as a hero. The video went around the world. All staged, says an online journalist.

House cat Tara chases away the dog, which just before tugged at the boy’s leg. Screenshot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckDVpihCPq8

It’s the perfect story: suspense, drama, a villain, a hero and a happy ending. Nearly 23 million people watched a dog sneak up on a child, attack it from behind and drag it down the driveway by its little leg. Suddenly, the house cat comes rushing in, chasing the dog away and saving the child from further bites. The Youtube video, less than a minute long, became an Internet hit.

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